after 52 days part 1

after 52 days

exactly as i remembered you. 6-7 years ago.

you were wearing a white collared t-shirt, not new but worn shirt with your usual kain pelikat. there you were, with your hair combed neatly, it was a breezy day as i could see your kain pelikat was swayed away by the cool wind. on a wide green field and it leads to infinity of breathtaking view. i looked up and i could see beautiful clouds, moving elegantly by the swift wind too. you were holding something in your hand, a fruit or a bread, as you were eating it along the way, i couldn’t tell because i was looking at you from afar.

i woke up just to realise it was a dream.
a dream of you.

urghhh… and i still have my fever. with blocked nose and heavy head. as i laid back and stared at nothing, yeah… i miss you abah, so much, it hurts.

come back again.


2 thoughts on “after 52 days part 1

  1. Takziah di atas pemergian bapa yang disayangi… sedih membaca artikel ini… sebab pernah juga terjadi pada diri saya suatu masa dulu… semoga kita sama2 tabah menghadapi dugaan hidup ini..

    semoga kita dikurniakan kejayaan di dunia dan akhirat…

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